Divine Calm: Go Bucks!

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Go Bucks!

My longtime friend, Rebecca, visited this weekend to go to the Buckeyes game with me on Saturday. We had a blast at the game, despite being sober, and nearly lost our voices from screaming and cheering for our Bucks. Also, thankfully, we were able to arrive at the game on time due to Rebecca's charming drivers to allow our car to cut in front of long turning lanes. (If you were one of the people I cut off, I'm sorry...Rebecca made me do it.) We were rushing to get to the game, because I had stayed up too late the night before playing with my new toy...A BRAND new digital camera.

I love this camera and have been obsessed with taking pictures and mini films of the OSU game, Rebecca, my puppies, boyfriend, and landscapes. If anyone of you have this camera, could you tell me watch out for while using it? Any hints/suggestions would also be appreciated. By the way, it seems that people are being shy with leaving comments for me. I know I am getting visitors, but I would love to hear from you.

By the way, GO BUCKS!!!!!