Divine Calm: "Happy 27th Birthday to Me!!"

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"Happy 27th Birthday to Me!!"

Okay, one big deep breath, count to ten, slowly let it out. Whew. Ahhh, better. This past weekend wore me out...I'm still trying to recover my motivation and replenish my fluids. I have been such a slug. First, before I begin my birthday bonanza recount, let's all view a picture of me and my "bestest boyfriend in the whole wide world." This pic was taken right at the moment we first spoke/met. You can see by my cheesy smile that I was in total meltdown. What a hottie-despite having his eyes half shut in the pic!! Let me tell you, he deserves total kudos for this past weekend. Hence, my little homage to you, Sweety. I'm not worthy.

My 27th birthday started on Friday night and lasted all weekend. Knowing that I would start the festivities at a local bar/club with a small group of friends, I needed to find the proper "trendy and totally hip" birthday outfit. In addition to being a few pounds too heavy to easily fit into clothes, I wasn't as enthralled with the hoochie-mama clothing selections as I have been in the past. However, I didn't want to freakin' look like a boring mom either. After deliberating for a while at 3 stores and attempting to piece together a trendy outfit with accessories, I was rather depressed that I was turning 27. The bummer mood continued until right before I went out Friday night. At that point I was really wishing that my former early 20's excitement for gettin' my groove on would hit me.

Well, let me tell you, my wish came true...I partied in all the wondrous glory of a 21 year-old instead of a 27 year-old!!!! First, my group of friends and I met at the club and drank a few cocktails. Despite having a snotty server, I was feeling pretty good after slurping down three lemon-drop martinis. The rest is rather hazy, so on with the proverbial birthday story ...I drank, I danced, I somehow came home, and I woke up and regretted my previous night's abandonment of all morals. Also, I faintly remember reenacting a scene from The Exorcist, complete with pea soup spewing, head spinning, and demonic voices aimed at my boyfriend. Just kidding on the last part, or am I?

Sorry for such an abbreviated recap, but I thought it would be more fun for you to imagine all of my wild birthday antics rather than me going into painful (more painful for me to remember than for you to read) detail.

Overall, minus the recuperation time, I had a pretty decent birthday. I also visited my parents and enjoyed homemade cake with the family. Thanks to all of the rockin' people who came and celebrated it with me.

Now, some final words of 27 year-old wisdom...I won't ever drink more than 2 drinks again, my boyfriend is the best boyfriend (and possibly up for sainthood) in the entire world, and I now remember why being 21 isn't as great as being a responsible 27 year-old.