Divine Calm: Hey, Fraggle Rock really does rock!

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Hey, Fraggle Rock really does rock!

Frequently, my guy friends lament that girls only want to date" bad guys" and overlook the less glamorous "good guys." Of course, my response meant to give them hope is, "Well, I only date good guys." However, perhaps they have a point. After all, I use to have major crushes on the "bad boys" during my elementary and junior high school days. Ahhhh, I remember those ol' wonderful days spent pining over boys who used me in order to cheat on tests rather than care about the real me complete with a mullet (Hey! All of the girls had them, I swear!!) and a Fraggle Rock lunch box (okay, maybe not everyone had one of those).

I was a complete geek in elementary school, or at least I thought I was. I had several girlfriends, but I was well-behaved and received really good grades. My good behavior probably is the reason that teachers always sat me by the troublemakers, a.k.a. the "bad boys." In second grade, I remember being sat by Joey and Jacob. These boys were incorrigible, but I liked them anyway. They were complete smart-alecs, and I couldn't resist giggling at their every joke. Unfortunately, one of their jokes landed my way when I brought in a copy of my mom's Air Supply tape to listen to during indoor recess. (Why, Mom, why?) I remember wanting the floor to open up and swallow me whole due to my embarrassment that I didn't have cool music tastes. My crush on the boys wasn't stymied until later during one art class when Joey started eating glue. Gross!

The next major crush I had was in fifth grade. Looking back, David had major behaviorial issues, but I didn't care. He was the same boy who had made fun of my Fraggle Rock lunchbox in first grade, but by fifth grade I had become infinitely cooler and was even a member of student council. The troublemakers found me less offensive, yet teachers still sat me by them hoping that I would be a good influence. David could barely read, and I think he was also only nice to me so I would move my arm covering my test answers. One day, my crush evaporated when David became so frustrated at our teacher when she was trying to get him to sit down and start doing his work that he yelled, "___ you!" (rhymes with duck) and literally jumped out of the window and ran home. Ahhhh, I had such good taste then.

In sixth and seventh grades, I had additional crushes on various pimply hoods who were into Metallica and smoked outside between classes. I would longingly stare at them on the bus rides home, but they pretended like I didn't exist. Eighth grade was the last year that I liked a "bad boy." Al had a chewing tobacco habit and no parental supervision, but our flicker of a relationship ended quickly.

Looking back, I think that I wanted the "bad boys" to like me during my early school years, because I was really uncomfortable with being known as smart and well-behaved. I also hated being known as a teacher's pet and tried so hard to dispel that label. Let's face it, once a dork, always a dork. I shouldn't have tried so hard.

Thank goodness I overcame my predilication toward bad boys. Don't get me wrong, I still dated a bunch of unworthy boys afterwards, but at least these boys didn't make fun of me.