Divine Calm: I was such an idiot...

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I was such an idiot...

Ahhhh...the follies of my college days. My forehead is red since I have been repeatedly hitting it for my stupidity in thinking that throwing out old college research papers and syllabi is cathartic.

First, allow me to give you some background. As you are probably by now aware, I am applying for law school and am in the process of gathering recommendations for my applications. I have been nervous contacting former professors, since I haven't seen them for over 5 years and have doubted they would remember me. Well, one of them doesn't remember me. I just came back from meeting with him and am somewhat disheartened although I knew it was going to be a tough meeting.

Mr. "CAN-remember-minute-historical-facts-but-can't-remember-his-students'-names" was gracious when I placed my old books from his class before him. I also gave him my resume and other writing samples from work. However, I was unable to bring the one thing he asked me to find. Sadly, my titillating 20-page research paper on historical fornication laws is no more. I THREW THE DARN THING OUT.

Oh, why was I such an idiot and destroyed work that I feverishly worked so hard on for a quarter? I mean, come on, my work from that class could have its own important historical insight into the genius that is me. Okay, just kidding on that part, but it would have been cool to see how I was able to pull off a college paper on such a risqué subject. Luckily for me, Professor "CAN-remember-minute-historical-facts-but-can't-remember-his-students'-names" commented, after looking over the difficult reading that he had assigned for his class, "Wow, this was tough reading."

Bottom-line, he is going to write a recommendation for me, but it won't be as good as if he had been able to read some of my old work from his class. Whew. Thank goodness. Now, onto my next recommendation...wish me luck.