Divine Calm: No Short Bus for Me!

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No Short Bus for Me!

My work sponsors a kindergarten reading program that I am participating in this year. Today was training day, and I hopped on the yellow school bus to go to an inner-city elementary school. The school was brighter and more cheerful than expected, and now I have an alphabet rap song stuck in my head.

"I got your 'A', I got your 'A', I got your 'A'...I got your APPLE."

The rap song's rules required each kid whose name contained the letter that they were rapping to raise their little hand. I soon realized that the creativity of the kids' parents was remarkable. Names with every conceivable letter combination gave way to at least one kid raising his/her hand with each letter, including "X" and "Z". I was so impressed by this helpful, yet grammatically challenged, game. I think I will use this handy tool in law school. Here's how it possibly could go:

"I got your 'P', I got your 'P', I got your 'P'...I got your Plessy v. Ferguson."

Man, my grades are going to be stellar, especially after I raise my hand for no apparent reason.