Divine Calm: Not all eggs are the same

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Not all eggs are the same

I tutored my 2 adorable kindergarteners today. Today's lesson plan consisted of the "getting to know you game," writing answers in a "Me and My Wonderful Tutor" booklet (ahem, yes, I am wonderful if I say so myself), and reading a book to the student.

The first girl had a longer attention span than the second girl although she had some difficulty writing her name. However, the second girl ("Kyra") has already left an indelible impression on my heart.

Kyra and I were reading a book about a farmer who lost his old brown hat. It was a cute story where the hat was serving miscellaneous functions such as a gopher hole and a chicken nest. When we read the part about the chicken nest, I asked Kyra about the chicken eggs sitting in the old hat. She promptly told me in typical random 5-year old fashion that she recently had had some eggs in her hair and even offered to show them to me. "Errr, that's okay, no need to show them to me," I feebly smiled. Unless her young imaginative mind meant something different, I am assuming that she recently had lice.

Also, Kyra shared some more news with me. When I asked her to point out the duck in the book, she obviously thought that I had said something different. She told me how her dad recently had said to her mommy, "Get the *uck out of my house."

I think that I may get more of an education from Kyra than she will receive from me.