Divine Calm: Self-Help Books...help or hindrance?

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Self-Help Books...help or hindrance?

So many of my friends are into self-help books. What do you think about them?

Very interesting article about them:


It's been observed for a long time that America is a nation of "strivers"—a people who are bent on the invention and re-invention of self. It's one of the marvelous things about the American tradition—[that] you can work hard, study hard and get ahead. So, certainly that's part of our ethos, if such a thing exists. Benjamin Franklin was one of our original, and most popular self-help writers[...]There are bits of advice to be taken from many of these books that are helpful. The problem is that as a genre [the books] lead people to believe that they can individually solve their problems by addressing one aspect of their life or another, or getting a new Palm Pilot, or learning to say no, or whatever it happens to be. It's not that easy.