Divine Calm: Some people shouldn't be swimming in the gene pool!

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Some people shouldn't be swimming in the gene pool!

I'm REALLY trying to be less judgmental...part of my new "Divine Calm" outlook on life. However, if you can't say a few comments about movie stars who perform like circus clowns under the bigtop spotlight, then what is the point of their existence? Tom and Katie, I won't let you down. Your lives are worth something. Everyday I try to keep my own blossoming relationship in its proper perspective just so I won't commit your follies. Oh how will I repay your generosity of sharing your bizarre lives with us?

Answer: please read the following article and thank your lucky stars that Tom and Katie aren't your parents: http://slate.msn.com/id/2128041/?nav=ais.

Oh, I know that I am hitting an EASY target, but I just couldn't resist. Thanks for humoring me.