Divine Calm: 100 things about me

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100 things about me

1. I absolutely adore Paul Newman, especially when he was younger.
2. I love to salsa dance.
3. Actually, I love to do almost any kind of dancing.
4. When I was in my mom's tummy and she attended a concert, I would beat my foot to the time of the music against her belly.
5. My dad told my mom that he thought that I would be a dancer some day.
6. I hope I am never too old to skip and act silly.
7. Until my freshman year in college, I wanted to be a zoo veterinarian,
8. Chemistry killed me that year, and I decided that I would rather view animals as a hobby.
9. Singing is therapy for me.
10. I sang in choir throughout high school and college.
11. I was Miss Adelaide in "Guys and Dolls" during my senior year of High School.
12. If a piano or a violin is playing, shivers go up and down my spine.
13. Kissing my neck also gives me shivers.
14. I grew up being a total tomboy when playing outside with the neighborhood boys.
15. Barbies, dolls, and stuffed animals were my favorite things to play with while I stayed inside.
16. One of my saddest days growing up was when my mother told me that I was too old to be wrestling with the boys.
17. Another one of my saddest days was when my mom and dad divorced.
18. I was 10 years old and was riding my bike when...
19. Literally, I became a woman that day.
20. Thankfully, my mom had already shown me where the emergency supplies were in the bathroom.
21. My mother is a remarkable role model and only has one arm due to a farm accident.
22. My younger sister is one of my best friends.
23. She grew up having chronic fatigue syndrome and almost died having meningitis and encephalitis when she was in sixth grade.
24. My mother has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.
25. I have frequently cursed the skies after this diagnosis.
26. My father became very mentally unstable when I was little.
27. He clung to religion as his mental health abandoned him.
28. I still have problems with religion due to his biblical rants.
29. My father is now homeless, and I have not seen him since I was 13.
30. I no longer internally scream when I walk by homeless people.
31. My mom encouraged me to be well-rounded and do my best in everything I tried.
32. I love learning and have always done well in school.
33. My senior class had a three-way tie for valedictorian.
34. I then became salutatorian.
35. I sang instead of giving a speech and made my mom cry.
36. It was our moment.
37. I was a resident adviser throughout college.
38. Yes, I know this makes me a loser.
39. I put myself through college this way.
40. During my first year as a RA, I encountered situations with a suicidal resident, one resident raping another, an alcoholic who refused to shower, drug dealers, and an undercover drug cop.
41. I became disenchanted with the "system" during this time.
42. The suicidal student couldn't get funding to continue going to school.
43. The undercover drug cop living on our floor didn't catch any of the drug dealers except for his roommate.
44. His roommate had never sold drugs in his life before this time.
45. He thought he was helping his new friend out.
46. Several years later, I ran into the roommate.
47. He quickly looked away from me.
48. I felt horrible.
49. I now work in politics.
50. People never fail to disappoint me.
51. However, my expectations have lowered significantly.
52. I believe that all evil originates from insecurity.
53. My two dogs love me no matter what.
54. I'm feeling more secure with myself.
55. I reach out to others more than I use to.
56. I love to peel dead skin after a sunburn.
57. I'm too vain and scared of skin cancer to allow myself to burn though.
58. I love to pop pimples or my dogs' blocked pores.
59. Yes, I know this makes me sick.
60. I loved dissecting in school.
61. After I received my telescope set for Christmas when I was 8, I dissected a cricket.
62. I now love watching autopsy crime shows.
63. I am fascinated by mummies.
64. Our bodies are amazing.
65. Our brains are even more fascinating to me.
66. I am extremely intuitive.
67. I love my grandfather and my Uncle Mike.
68. They were my male father figures growing up.
69. My grandpa taught me how to change lawn mower oil.
70. My uncle would take the time to talk to me at night as we looked at the stars sitting by a fire.
71. My heart began to truly heal when my mother married my stepfather.
72. I was prickly towards him, but he told me he loved me.
73. I couldn't say it back to him for a long time and would say "me too."
74. Now I can say "I love you" to him, and he says "me too."
75. I love nature.
76. I am artistically inclined.
77. I don't feel comfortable making art that often.
78. I hate math.
79. Growing up, I was always a klutz.
80. One Christmas, I had casts on both of my arms from two different accidents.
81. I adore books.
82. When life is tough, I escape through reading.
83. "The Velveteen Rabbit" is my favorite childhood book.
84. I would apologize to my stuff animals after I threw them down when I was angry.
85. They were real to me.
86. I hurt them, because I was hurting so badly.
87. I was a very angry teenager.
88. Abandonment is one of the worst things you can do to a child.
89. I forgive my father though.
90. Mental illness affects so many and needs to be more normalized in society.
91. I'm trying to learn to live in the moment.
92. I hate the fact that I constantly say and write cliches.
93. I'm not terribly funny but have an obnoxious laugh and a great sense of humor.
94. I can't wait to re-experience life through my children's eyes.
95. My friend says that I have a highly selective sense of humor, but she just says that because I love her jokes.
96. I love dorky jokes and puns.
97. Other cultures fascinate me, and I want to be a student of the world.
98. I love trying foods different the Midwestern fare I am accustomed to eating.
99. I cry all of the time.
100. Actually, I am very emotional, but I would rather feel than be numb.