Divine Calm: OSU beat Michigan!

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OSU beat Michigan!

Yesterday was a glorious win for The Ohio State University Buckeyes. We beat the University of Michigan Wolverines 25-21 in the last minute of the game. Whoo-hoo! Cha ching, bada bing!

Okay, I think I have that out of my system now. Oh wait, no I don’t. I have to gloat some more. YEAH!!!!! Doing my little “we won” dance as you read this. O-H-I-O!

Every year this rival match-up induces tons of excitement mixed with heartburn for many an OSU fan. OSU normally wins through special teams without much of a passing game, hence the extra popping of Rolaids. However, I actually had more on the line if my team lost this year, because my boyfriend went to University of Michigan and is, therefore, a huge UM fan.

My boyfriend and I watched the game at a local bar and had to stand the entire time due to all the seats being taken. Despite having to lean against a wall, I knew I was in my element when “Hang On Sloopy” boomed from the speakers, and the crowd raised their arms in unison to O-H-I-O. My boyfriend tried numerous times to drag me to the small group of Michigan fans next to the bar’s front door, but I wouldn’t budge. As a side note, I think that the Michigan fans standing by the front door wanted to be able to make a quick exit if necessary. I didn’t blame them, because just like the football team, Buckeye fans are fierce!

As beer freely flowed into Budweiser plastic cups and linebackers crashed into each other on the large TV screens, tempers did flare and suddenly my boyfriend and I were doused with beer from a nearby bar fight. The fight started when one guy was aggressively hitting on another guy’s girlfriend. For some reason the guys weren’t kicked out of the bar, and the lecherous football fan offered to buy my boyfriend and me shots of Jaegermeister. Of course, the bartender cut this guy off from buying any more alcohol and his apology to my boyfriend and me for causing us to smell like a bar was reduced to only words.

Loud cheering distracted me from this scene of drunken atonement, and I was thrilled to see the Buckeyes very close to scoring a touchdown that would top Michigan’s score. With less than a minute left in the game, we scored a touchdown and the bar erupted into OSU victory songs, hugs, and drunken high-fives. Much to his credit, my boyfriend took the Michigan loss in stride and repeatedly said, “Good game, good game.” I doubt that I would have been as gracious. After all, my heart didn’t bleed for my boyfriend’s sorrow due to the loss of his alma mater. How could it? I only bleed scarlet and gray.

Go Bucks!