Divine Calm: Random votes

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Random votes

I'm starting to rebound from my gloom due to my boyfriend moving to Chicago in 2 weeks. I'll be honest, I was really freaking out, but I think I will be more positive now that I got a lot of the fear and tears out of my system. Law school doesn't look as scary to me now that I have calmed down, and I am surging ahead in getting references and writing my application statement.

In addition to being responsible in my own life, I did my civic duty this morning and voted. My voter precinct's headquarters is in a retirement center, and I simply adore the ladies who sell home-baked goods outside the voting area. Homemade lemon poppy seed bread...yummy!

After watching the voting volunteers, I was also inspired to want to be a volunteer when I retire. Although it might be boring, I think I would enjoy working the voting booths for election. Go ahead, call me a complete civic dork, but there is something appealing in the camaraderie and excitement some people have when they vote. Perhaps I am romanticizing the whole voting experience, but this is the one day when I am not as cynical about politics and politicians. It's the day when your next door neighbor has decided that although they are sick to death of hearing political attack ads and other political propaganda, they will get up a little earlier to exercise the perk their American citizenship offers. They will vote for issues and candidates they have never heard of before in their life. Okay, perhaps my cynicism prevails.

Nevertheless, I urge all of you to go out and be another cog that makes this wonderful democracy work. I don't care if you don't know the issues or are perplexed by the names on the ballot. Perhaps you may even see your next door neighbor on the ballot for the school board. Now is your chance to vote against him for never spraying his yard for weeds and allowing dandelion fuzz to float into your yard. Who knows? What goes around, comes around, right? If you don't care enough to vote, what makes you think that your county commissioner is going to care whether or not you want your taxes raised. Okay, enough of my rambling. Do you get the point? Vote!