Divine Calm: Thanks Vets!

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Thanks Vets!

Thanks to Veteran's Day, I have today off from work. As I am sitting here with my bleaching strips in my mouth, I am trying to fully appreciate today's meaning. Fortunately, I have not been personally affected by war, but I feel somewhat guilty not doing anything to properly celebrate this national holiday. Yesterday, as I was rushing downtown to buy my lunch, I didn't even have enough time to stop and watch the Veteran's parade honoring the Lima Company.

Perhaps the freedom to do what I wanted to do both during yesterday's parade and today illustrates what Veteran's Day means to the everyday American. Yesterday I didn't have to stand and watch a parade filled with propaganda due to fear of government retaliation. I was free to roll my eyes and groan out loud when I saw my mayor hamming it up on the podium. I was free to buy a Cuban wrap and head back to work.

Today I am free to clean, work on law school admissions, blog, and bleach my teeth all I want. Many young soldiers have fought and even died so I can simply live my life the way I want to live it. And for this, I am thankful.