Divine Calm: Thick clouds

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Thick clouds

This morning I was riding down on the elevator to get my daily cup o'joe, when the doors opened up and a large woman wrapped up in a scarf and head wrap joined me. An avid people-watcher, I tried to peek at what the lady was stuffing into her pocket. She must have caught me eyeing her purple knitting being pushed into her pocket, because she started chatting with me.

"I was waiting for the sun to shine and warm things up before I headed out, but it looks like I will have to brave the cold," she cheerily stated.

I muttered something in agreement with her. After all, I hadn't had my caffeine yet and couldn't be expected to speak in coherent sentences.

"Oh well," she stated and tightly bundled her coat around her.

For some reason, I came to life and pessimistically remarked that it looks like we are stuck with the gloom today.

This woman who smelled faintly of old sweat and the outdoors suddenly turned to me right before the elevator doors opened.

"But no matter how thick the clouds are, the sun is always there."

I was silent, and she chuckled and repeated herself, "The sun is shining behind those thick clouds."

As I sprung out of the elevator, I marveled at this woman's profound statement and tried to incorporate it into my view of what's right with the world.

I may feel cold and desolate during this time of year, but today I was comforted with the thought that winter's clouds are fleeting. Although I can't feel the warmth, the sun is still shining on me.

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