Divine Calm: "Up!"

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Isn't she adorable? She's a great-niece of my step-father, but I want to claim her as a blood-relative...or how about mine? This lil' cutie was my family's entertainment on Thanksgiving Day. Between asking us to read her favorite truck book by saying "Up!" in order to sit in our laps to stomping from one room to another then crash diving into the pillowed ottoman, we could not get enough of this squirmy almost 2-year old. While the rest of the family was in a food coma after eating the Thanksgiving feast, she would play wrestle with my step-father's 8-year old grandson. Actually, he wrestled with her, but she took the "throw-downs" like a champ. Of course, the 8-year old boy would let her win twice before he declared himself victorious.

I had my own special moment with the lil' one when I sat on the floor with her after dinner. She tromped off to get a book, and I was worried that I would have to invent another creative story regarding army trucks but was relieved when I saw Disney's The Little Mermaid book in her chubby hands. Then she plopped onto my lap and opened the book for me. I soon became as enthralled with reading the story as she was. I had sooo much fun using different voices for the characters, especially the evil witch Ursula. Suddenly, my attention was diverted from making Max the dog bark when I heard laughter from the other room. Not only was I entertaining Miss Cutie, but I was entertaining the people listening to me from the neighboring room. Oops.

Category: Cynics Beware