Divine Calm: Warmth

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I'll apologize in advance for this post, so please be prepared for a lot of ooey-gooey talk regarding my boyfriend.

Today I have the goofiest grin on my face. I AM IN LOVE!!!!! My boyfriend is staying with me until Monday when he leaves for his new job in Chicago, and I am enjoying every minute of doing life's mundane activities with him. Unfortunately, I have been working during his visit, but I have been thrilled returning home to his cooking dinner and happy puppies. Yes, this man cooks for me. He also cleans up dishes after I cook...gasp.

When I came home yesterday, my boyfriend stopped stirring his special sauce over the stove and gave me the biggest hug. After dining, he was able to urge me to do the one thing I have been unable to muster myself into doing. We went to the local athletic club and EXERCISED. Well correction, I pretty much just walked the treadmill as I read, so I'm not sure how much this qualifies as exercise. After exercising *cough* reading, I played poker on my computer while my boyfriend went to Blockbuster to pick up a movie. By the way, another reason I am ecstatic with his visit is due to his rigging up wireless internet for me. Nothing like being able to take the computer in the bathroom with me and still be able to play poker. (Okay, yes I did this just to see if the wireless connection worked...jeez.)

Later in the night, I was thrilled when my boyfriend brought back Amistad from the video store. I hadn't seen it and was impressed with his selection. He remembered that I have difficulty watching dumb comedy and pointless action flicks. Unfortunately, I fell asleep halfway into the movie, but I swear I was really enjoying the movie's great acting; I couldn't help it. My boyfriend's arms and lap were so comforting. Also, Winston was curled up in the bend of my legs, and I felt enveloped by warmth and dog hair.

This morning, I had the hardest time leaving for work. First, finding clothing to substitute the warmth I had just left in my bed was impossible. Second, my body was actually a little sore from my treadmill walking. And third, I wanted to stay cuddled up with my boys. As I left my bedroom, I got a little teary-eyed (I swear it's just hormones). My boyfriend and two dogs were cuddled up together and on the verge of sleeping. Their deep breathing could still be heard downstairs as I quietly closed the front door and combated the chilled outside morning air.