Divine Calm: Winston the Traitor

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Winston the Traitor

Here is my lil' Winston. Isn't he cute with his tongue sticking out at me? Well, take a long and hard look at him. This is what a traitor looks like.

In case you haven't noticed, Winston is a beagle mix, and he has the typical beagle trait of being a cuddler. He loves to snuggle as close to you as possible and doesn't really care whether you are comfortable with his rear in your face. Also, Winston is kind of snobby. Only the softest blankets and largest pillows will do for Sir Winston. If I allowed him to have his way, he would sleep right next to me every night with his head on MY pillow.

I have put up with Winston quirks, because, frankly, he is adorable when he sleeps and keeps me warm at night. However, my patience is being tested, because Winston has a new love in his life. Alas, my boyfriend is the recipient of Winston's affections. Now don't get me wrong, I have always been thrilled that my dogs love my boyfriend. Also, I have always known that my boyfriend has sheer animal magnetism, but I'm not the only one who has been wooed by his sweet Spanish accent.

Normally, Winston follows me everywhere I go, but now he follows my boyfriend. When I got up to take a shower, Winston didn't even get up from his bed near my boyfriend to come get a morning head scratch from me like he does every morning. This morning when I called Winston to go outside, he wouldn't budge from his guard near my boyfriend. Winston didn't even throw a fit when I left to go to work like he always does! Sniff sniff.

Maybe losing Winston to my boyfriend has some advantages for me...like better sleep for instance. Last night, my boyfriend couldn't even move without Winston getting in the way. Even after getting kicked out of the bed numerous times, Winston still managed to get back on the bed and fall asleep on top of my boyfriend. Perhaps my boyfriend will get sick of Winston's antics and the love affair will end quickly. On second thought, I think this scenario is highly unlikely. When I tried to get Winston to follow me this morning and leave my boyfriend alone, my boyfriend groggily murmured, "It's okay, he can snuggle with me." Grrrrr.