Divine Calm: Christmas Chaos (Complete with Cars)

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Christmas Chaos (Complete with Cars)

Somebody hit the side of my car today when I was turning right into my work's parking garage. She was behind me and too busy smoking her cigarette to notice my obvious slowing and turning. Wouldn't you know it, her car didn't receive a scratch and my right passenger back door was dented and badly scratched.

The worst part was that the woman went into the nearby state building and asked the highway patrolman to look at the accident. This patrolman had great difficulty understanding what had happened and who was to blame. The woman became irate at my so-called poor driving skills. Screw the woman, but I got pretty frustrated by the patrolman's stupidity and began to have an asthma attack partly due to the situation and mostly due to the unbearable cold air.

I had to wait for an hour before the city police came (the accident occurred on city property), but a co-worker came to sit in my car and cheer me up. I greatly appreciated her chipper companionship. After 20 minutes, my co-worker left to go back to work, and I was still waiting and talking on the phone with my insurance company when the police officer finally arrived. As I got out of my injured car, the police officer asked where the other car's owner was. The woman had left her car to go inside and buy some coffee. I hope she now realizes what an idiot she was to leave the scene of the incident, because I had a full 10-15 minutes alone with the police officer to tell him what happened. To be honest, it wasn't difficult because my car's damage was self-explanatory.

When she finally came out, we both sat in the police car and completed our contact information cards for each other. Then the best moment of the entire crappy morning occurred when the police officer cited the woman for not allowing enough driving distance without asking for her version of events. The woman was shocked to hear this and couldn't speak. Thrilled, because after dealing with the idiot highway patrolman, I was finally vindicated. As I left the police car (first time I had been in one, by the way), I wished the woman a blessed Christmas. Her grimace was priceless.