Divine Calm: Coffee with a touch of cynicism

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Coffee with a touch of cynicism

Coffee has surged through my system, and I am beginning to shake off my cold's effects. Wouldn't you know it, right when I am feeling sick, my boyfriend is flying in from Chicago tonight. Oh well. Hopefully, he will be able to tolerate my stuffy nose and my bloodshot eyes (and keep me warm).

Now onto a different topic.

I'm having one of those days when I want to write so much on this blog but find myself censuring my words to the point of nothingness. I have learned so much about people and their insecurities by working in politics and would love to share these stories. Alas, I don't want to commit career suicide and will remain silent (for now). However, please visit Opinionistas and read this lawyer's stories. I'm sure it's no coincidence that I can relate to her postings on many levels, since many politicians are lawyers. I also share much of her cynicism about people. You also can see why I am having second thoughts about law school.

Have a great weekend!

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