Divine Calm: The Divine Weekly Recap

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The Divine Weekly Recap

First, I am very excited for this weekend, because I am going to Chicago to see my boyfriend. WHOO-HOO. However, I am starting to fear karma, because I am flying on United Airlines. United, I really think you are just swell. Please allow me to board your plane. I promise I will be a good girl and not lead any anti-discrimination riots once on the plane. I have to see my boyfriend, puhlease?

Also, I am very concerned that something strange is going on with me this Christmas. My lovely knack for procrastination has somewhat abated this Christmas season. Folks, I have not only bought all of my gifts for friends and family, but I have also wrapped them. I even sent out my Christmas cards last week. I know, crazy. However, don't worry. I waited until this morning to pack for Chicago and therefore was late for work.

On Wednesday and Thursday nights, I watched Project Runway. I love it when Bravo plays repeats of my fave shows every night of the week. This week's challenge involved creating an outfit for "My Scene" Barbie. I know, I know. Yuck. It wasn't my favorite Runway episode, but check out the dress that won and let me know what you think:

This past Tuesday was the last day had to tutor my lil' kindergarteners until January. They rivaled my doggies in cuteness and gave me Christmas tree ornaments complete with their names and pictures. Funnily enough, I think that the ornaments are suppose to resemble Christmas wreaths made out of lace and green pipe cleaners, but obviously the teacher missed the fact that they look like Irish garters. Hmmmm...racy.

Murphy and Winston are driving me crazy with their boisterous running around my home. The pups love to chase each other up and down and back up again the stairs. Also, Winston loves his loud obnoxious squeaky toy, especially when I am watching Project Runway. Speaking of Winston, why is it that whenever I tell him to do anything, he acts like he doesn't understand me until I repeat my command so loudly that he looks up at me with defiance and waits until I pick up my trusty spray bottle to squirt him into action? Also, why does this same dog, who acts like he doesn't understand English, jump up and snuggle against me for bed before I can finish my command, "up?" Lastly, why does Murphy act like my foot under the covers is a monster coming after him and therefore requires a loud growl and bark in the middle of the night? Please explain all of this doggie behavior to me.

Now who am I kidding? As soon as I am away from my pups for my trip to Chicago, I will be pining for their furry hugs and kisses.

Well, that's all I have for now. I hope you stay warm and toasty this weekend. Also, good luck braving the crowds for your gift shopping. Guess what, my boyfriend just called to tell me that he hasn't had time to by my gift yet. So, I will be braving the crowds too and distracting myself while my boyfriend buys my gift. Ahhhh, the holidays.