Divine Calm: How do you say Karma in Spanish?

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How do you say Karma in Spanish?

After this past weekend's trip to Chicago, United Airlines is dead to me. Some might say that karma bit me in the arse, and I should have remained silent about the injustices United Airlines has created for my friend. Screw karma. I don't want to fly United Airlines again, because I had to endure a 3-hour delay into Chicago on Friday night, a nasty United Airlines baggage claim worker after waiting an hour for my luggage, and a cancelled Sunday flight due to mechanical failure that made me miss work on Monday. I could complain some more, but I will refrain since I am lucky to be alive and not a victim of this crash. (Well, I still say that policymakers of United Airlines are bastards!)

Despite flying mishaps, I had a wonderful weekend in Chicago. My face may resemble a molting lizard due to wind burn, but I fell in love with Chicago's chilly charm and fell even more in love with my boyfriend. On Friday night, my boyfriend and I exchanged Christmas gifts, and now I am a lucky recipient of Mastering Spanish CD set. I have a lot of Spanish to master, because my boyfriend and I are going to Panama in the next couple of months in order to meet his family. *Gulp* (Curses to my high school decision of studying French instead of Spanish.) If you have any hints or encouragement for me in this endeavor, please let me know.

While I had many "awwwwww" inducing moments in Chicago, I'll share my favorite with you. (Cynical readers, please hold your gag reflexes.)

After my boyfriend and I had been walking like frozen popsicles from store to store on Michigan Avenue, we decided to relax and warm up on a bench inside the "Saks on Fifth Avenue" department store. We were cuddling and people watching, when a homeless person sat down right next to us on our cramped bench. At first, I was a little shocked that the man with ragged long nails and chapped hands interrupted our cozy little moment. After all, several empty benches were nearby. (In general, I am a little uncomfortable around the homeless, because they remind me of my own father.) While the homeless man sat nearly touching my boyfriend's leg, my boyfriend didn't move or act uncomfortable. He continued to hug me and chit chat about Chicago, and my heart swelled with adoration for him and relaxed. I truly hope that the homeless man was comforted a little by my boyfriend's warmth as well.