Divine Calm: Is it just me, or does this season sometimes suck?

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Is it just me, or does this season sometimes suck?

Ahhhhh. It's that wonderful season where peace, love, and happiness are shelved for gift-grabbing, tempers flaring, and all around nastiness. Even the blog world is ill with stress and depression. (Believe me, I have had some pretty nasty responses to my blog postings lately.)

Sometimes, I wish I could better insulate myself from other people's moods. If I had just been able to exist in my own little bubble today filled with puppy dogs, strawberry ice cream, and a very cute Panamian boyfriend, I think I could have been really happy. Instead, I allowed myself to absorb my co-workers' and other bloggers' comments into my view of the world.

Well, enough! I'm over it.

Happy Holidays!

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