Divine Calm: My Addiction

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My Addiction

I am completely addicted to the fashion design show Project Runway. I have been waiting all summer and fall for my fix, and last night was the 2-hour season opening extravaganza. Needless to say, I was glued to my T.V. screen. (Sorry pups, you'll have to get your belly scratches later.)

It's really too early to tell who is going to win, but here are a few of my favorite quirky designers thus far:

Diana: As I was watching Diana, with her crazy yet inventive high-tech clothes, I kept on thinking that she totally reminds me of the character, Data, from the movie Goonies. He, too, was totally into making high-tech clothing like oil-spurting shoes. I was looking at her portfolio online, and check out this crazy outfit she has designed:

Very bizarre!!! I'm guessing from viewing the picture that it's a wedding dress that blows up like one of those blow-up snowmen Christmas decorations.

Andrae: Please give this VERY flamboyant artiste some valium. He literally started sobbing while being judged during episode two. However, my fave part was when he growled (I'm not joking) after his model walked down the runway and acted like a tiger pawing at the cameraman. I sure hope he sticks around. Trainwrecks are fun to watch. Here's a photo shot during his breakdown:
Lastly, why can't I have a name like the designers Guadalupe, Chloe, Emmit, Raymundo, Zulema, or Santino? I guess the key to creativity is having a cool name.

I can't wait until the next episode!!!

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