Divine Calm: The Perfect Ending to Christmas Vacation

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The Perfect Ending to Christmas Vacation

As you can probably tell, I have been out of town for Christmas. I hope that all of you had a splendid time opening up useful and useless gifts, enjoying (or perhaps wanting to string up) your families, and watching lots of T.V.! I'm sure you were on Santa's good list (well, except for perhaps Squid and Happy) and received lots of presents.

I plan on recapping more of my Christmas with you later (complete with a Santa toilet cover), however, please allow me to vent for only a moment.

My 2003 car died last night as I was trying to get home. I was driving onto a state highway ramp when my car turned off and started coasting. Fortunately, I was able to start it again and drive it off the ramp and onto the side of the highway before it died again. Unfortunately, it had to be towed to a dealership an hour away from my home. Why, or why, do I have such crappy luck with getting home and my car?

Thank goodness, my parents allowed me to drive their car into work today. Their Jeep Liberty has an awesome sound system, and I was jamming to music this morning.