Divine Calm: A random act of kindness in Texas

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A random act of kindness in Texas

I was going through Christmas cards in today's mail at work, and opened the following letter accompanying a pre-addressed and stamped snoopy card. The following is what the letter said:

Dear Friend,

This is not a request for your boss to do this himself. I am asking a simple favor of whomever opens this letter to help with a harmless fun puzzle for a friend.

I have left the enclosed envelop open so you can look inside to confirm that you would not be mailing something improper or nasty. After satisfying yourself what is in the card, just seal the envelop and drop it in the mail. That is all I am asking.

Irene is a friend and a fellow avid Snoopy collector. She suffers from severe depression and the Snoopy cards give her a lift and help her get through the day.

She has no idea who is sending the cards which adds to her joy and it has been exciting to her to receive cards from every state. Irene would be so thrilled and bewildered to receive a card postmarked from your city.

It is a very nice thing to put a little pleasure into someone's life, so I hope you will be pleased to help by mailing this card. So far, only one office has failed to forward the Snoopy card. Thanks very much for this help.



I mailed the card right away. Irene has a wonderful friend!