Divine Calm: Why my Monday...

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Why my Monday...

Why my Monday could have been better:
1.) I dropped my cell phone under my car over the weekend, and now people can only hear me if I use my "hands-free" headset.

2.) I received an eviction notice from my apartment complex this morning. Apparently, my debit card had expired, and the idiots who work at the rental company didn't think to call me and let me know that they couldn't automatically deduct my rent.

3.) My face is really broken out right now. I think the cold weather is wrecking havoc on my sensitive skin.

Why my Monday could have been worse:
1.) I could be mute and without a tongue to lash out at those who irritate the hell out of me.

2.) I could have been charged a late fee for my rental company's stupidity.

3.) I could have hideous warts festering in every nook and cranny on my face.

See, I shouldn't complain. My life really could be much worse.

By the way, Rebecca, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!

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