Divine Calm: Wise words and simple truths

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Wise words and simple truths

I'm sure that many of you still have your parents' words echoing in your ears as you try to navigate life's trials. The following are my mother's wise words that I hope to use on my children in the future.

1.) "Tastebuds change. You only have to try a bite each time we have pumpkin pie. You never know. You may like it one day." (She was right. I now love pumpkin pie and sampling new foods.)

2.) "You can have it all; just not necessarily at the same time." (I view this to mean that if you try to have it all at once; your juggling, lack of sleep, ect. ect. prevent you from fully enjoying what you gained.)

3.) "My first job is to be your mother. It's great if we are friends, but we don't have to be." (We vacillated between friends and enemies when I was a teenager, but we are now very close friends.)

4.) "Fair doesn't mean being equal. Fair means getting what you need." (My mom wanted to address her daughters' individual needs without invoking jealousy. I was rarely jealous of my sister and vice versa. My mother also taught us to be compassionate toward people who are different from us.)

5.) "All I want is for you to try your best. If your best is getting a C, then I would be happy. But I know that you can do much better than that, so I am disappointed that you didn't work hard enough." (I rose to her expectations and took pride in my own accomplishments versus competing with others' work.)

Now, it's your turn. What are some of your parent(s)' wise sayings?

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