Divine Calm: Dima: The One Woman Chicago Welcoming Committee

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Dima: The One Woman Chicago Welcoming Committee

Yes, it's official. I love Chicago. Many have told me that I would become hooked on what this art deco city has to offer. Of course, the fact that my boyfriend lives in Chicago makes it a little easier to drive the six-hour trek or endure the five-gazillion-hour airport delays it takes for me to go to Chicago. (I swear that gazillion is a real number!) However, a certain blogger has shown me that Chicago is not only the windiest city, but one of the friendliest cities I have encountered.

Dima's blog is a good read, and I always look forward to her insightful comments on my site. (You must visit her site!) Last time I wrote about visiting Chicago, Dima e-mailed to tell me that the next time I visit, I should e-mail her and we could meet. After having been a Dima reader for a couple months, I was excited with the prospect of hanging out with such an articulate and sweet person.

You can read Dima's account of what we did here, but I must add my two cents to her entry. Contrary to what Dima might say, Dima is far from boring. She's genuine. She's someone you want to be friends with immediately after meeting her, because you know that "what you see is what you get." Also, Dima is the kind of friend who would stick up for you when a group of catty girls talk about you behind your back. You ask me how I know this after a four-hour outing? I just know. And to borrow from a "When Harry Met Sally" quote, "you know like you know a good melon." (Dima, I promise I am not implying anything by comparing you to a melon. hehe)

Dima is also very gracious after you commit a faux-pas. I have a knack for making odd statements intending to be compliments but instead are received like a tire blow out or an IRS tax bill. In other words, I feel like an ass, and the receiver looks pained. (You know, I was thinking that perhaps the above melon comment could fit into this category. Oh well, I try.)

I demonstrated my talent for placing my foot in my mouth while Dima and I were sitting in a coffee house sipping sugary coffee lattes topped with whipped cream. Dima and I were oohing and ahhing at a nearby baby bundled up in the finest of stroller accroutement. After Dima asked the baby's age to the accompanying woman, I blurted out that the women looked great for having a baby only three months ago. The woman looked as if she was grasping at a response but instead chose to ignore my comment. Thankfully, Dima smoothed over the awkward moment by telling the women how cute the baby was.

Immediately, I cringed with my disregard of how this woman could have adopted the baby or perhaps was a nanny or aunt to the baby. What the heck was I thinking? While kicking myself a gazillion times (as I said before, gazillion is a number), I confessed to Dima my stupidity and how horrified I was. Dima laughed and said she had wondered why I said the comment but told me not to worry about it. Dima definitely has class.

Also, Dima and I discussed political topics like, gasp, Israel and the Middle East. I felt at ease during our discussion and was challenged by Dima's insights. I think we even discussed religion. I'm relieved Dima doesn't subscribe to the "avoid politics and religion at all costs during your first meeting with someone" theory. Four hours flew while chatting with Dima.

I'm so happy to have made my first Chicago friend. Also, the Chicago Visitors' Bureau should think about hiring Dima to represent their fine city. If Chicago is anything like Dima, it is classy, exciting, friendly, intellectual, and genuinely fun. I can't wait for my next visit. Dima, this time, the sushi's on me!

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