Divine Calm: The Hopeless Search for Equilibrium

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The Hopeless Search for Equilibrium

How to Assuage the Horrid Effects of a Cold:

Example 1:

I have a cold. Check.

I take cold medicine. Check.

However, my nose still runs, but my eyes, lips, and face are drying out.

Example 2:

Tissues help stop runny nose from disgusting nearby co-workers. Check.

However, tissues further dry out sensitive facial skin.

Example 3:

Lotion replenishes dry skin. Check.

However, replenished skin suddenly rebels against extra emollients and creates pimples.

Example 4:

Eyedrops refresh dry eyes. Check.

However, refreshed eyes then become blurry from excess water.

Example 5:

Lips are cracking and peeling from said cold. Check.

Lipbaum cools lips. Check.

However, lipbaum smells like medicinal cabinet and causes stomach's queasiness.

Example 6:

My throat is scratchy and dry from cold medicine. Check.

I drink large amounts of water and my throat is temporarily calmed. Check.

However, I am running constantly to the bathroom all day.

I feel as if a cold is a metaphor for life. It's all about the trade-offs, baby.

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