Divine Calm: Puppies!

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My kindergartner, Kyra, had to read the book, Dogs, to me today. I haven't seen her since before Christmas, and my heart melted a little when she sat close to me and watched my lips move as I talked in my singsong voice. (As a side note, according to my co-worker who also tutors her, Kyra claimed she didn't receive any Christmas gifts.)

As soon as Kyra saw the book, she yelled "PUPPIES!"while jumping up and down in her seat. I smiled at her and soooo could relate to her excitement. After all, I act the same way when I see dogs. But for some reason, Kyra couldn't say the world "dog," although we sounded out the word and repeated it several times. Instead, Kyra would yell out "Puppies!" until we turned the page to the black retriever.


"You do? Well, that's really cool. But let's sit back in your chair, so you don't fall," I cautioned while secretly laughing inside due to her exuberance.

Later in the session, Kyra had to repeat word sequences after me.

"Ap-ple, ba-na-na."

"Apple, bana...ny."

"Let's try it again, apple, banana."

"Apple, ba ba banana."

"Very good, you are doing soooo well. Now, daisy, rose."

"Daisy...hey, THAT'S MY PUPPY'S NAME!!! DAISY ROSE!!!!!!!"

I could barely contain my laughter, because I thought that Kyra was going to fall off her chair again. This girl seriously loves dogs, I mean, puppies. I'm seriously falling in love with her.

By the way, one of my co-workers tutors a student who told him her mommy's birthday was this past weekend. The kindergartner had to bring the cake to jail where her mommy is staying.