Divine Calm: It's not just a Hallmark holiday

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It's not just a Hallmark holiday

Even when single, I don't dread Valentine's Day. I can thank my mom for instilling in me that the day is a celebration of love for the special people in our lives. My childhood Valentine's Days consisted of playing with my new paper dolls near my mom as she sewed in her bedroom or my drinking milk out of a heart glass with homemade frosted heart-shaped sugar cookies for breakfast. On Valentine's Day, I would bathe in my mom's hugs, kisses and tiny gifts, which reminded me that she loved me in an all-consuming way that only mothers can love.

One Valentine's Day in my early twenties, I had just experienced a break-up with a boyfriend, and my mother and stepfather visited me with a new dining table and four chairs in tow. The table set was to replace the one that I had been borrowing from my boyfriend. I was a mess due to the break-up and other events at the time, and my mom knew that I needed some extra TLC from my family.

Looking back on my previous Valentine's Days, I am so grateful my mom tried so hard to show me that Valentine's Day isn't just about flowers, chocolates, and your significant other. It's about the little things like homemade cookies, and paper dolls. It's about the big things like being there for your loved one when they need you most. It's about celebrating that even if you are single, you aren't alone. And, it's especially about saying the most eagerly desired words "I love you."

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