Divine Calm: Some Divine Lovin'

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Some Divine Lovin'

I'm totally lovin' the following sites, and I highly recommend you check'em out!

1.) Dima, this girl is, seriously, such a cutie! Plus her smarts equal her quirkiness. In my book, you can never have too much of either trait. (She's on the right.)

2.) The photoblog, Out in the World, is totally beautifying my world with his gorgeous and compelling photos of places like Brazil, Taiwan, and Myanmar. His portraits move me to no end (and no, I didn't take this photo, titled "Chubbiness." He did.):

3.) The blog, Poetic Justice, motivates me to learn more about the written word. I hope you find her captivating prose as inspiring and challenging as I do.
I had been a language freak for long before the words became out in writing. Inventing expressions, feeling the otherness, trying to find that me in that language. Then in other languages. And I do find. But it stings. Some of it. The otherness, when it's not entirely me there, but some polyphonic figure speaking through. The writing of others sometimes does. When it does not, bliss and blessing.
4.) Wave of Modulation is my kind of blog. Awe-inspiring photography coupled with equally captivating words fill me with peace and the need to grab my camera and EXPERIMENT. Check out her recent frame-worthy photo titled "morning light":

5.) And, last but not least, I'm totally digging my tenant, Taste the World. Her recent tribute to her grandfather moved me and made me smile. Also, her favorite links of the moment made me sign up for 3 classes at Barnes & Noble's Online Classes. As if I didn't already have enough to do right now. See, that's how good of a writer she is. She merely suggested. I complied. Good thing she hasn't suggested I give her money.

Isn't she a cutie? So please visit my powerfully persuasive tenant under the "About Me" section on the left.