Divine Calm: The Taker

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The Taker

Although we shared our souls, laughter, and tears, I now question your sincerity. Were you only there for me, so I would be there for you? It seems as if now that I am happy, you have difficulty in supporting me. Is it because you can't relate to me? Is my contentment not a worthy companion to your internal misery?

Or did I just outgrow you? Or to be more fair, did we just outgrow each other?

So many unanswered questions, but I am at peace with them. Instead, I have chosen to passively extradite myself from the relationship. No need for a blow-up to end what has already imploded.

Next time you need me, you know I will be as supportive as I can. That's why you still call. However, my heart is no longer connected to my advice, and if hurting, my heart will not lead me back to you.

P.S. This is not about any of my friends, rather it's about another person's situation.

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