Divine Calm: Teenage Suicide

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Teenage Suicide

This weekend I watched a video about teenage suicide with my mother for her continuing education course. The video portrayed a rather simplistic overview of this issue and left me terribly unsatisfied with its message.

The video began with a discussion about how teenagers with bipolar disease, depression, and eating disorders are more likely to attempt suicide. Yes, this wasn't a surprise to me. Then the video portrayed how horrific suicide is to the remaining loved ones. To me, this seemed like an obvious point to make. Lastly, the movie pointed out that all teenagers are at risk and that often those comtemplating suicide hide their thoughts from those around them.

Since I have never attempted suicide and am not a parent, could somebody educate me and those reading this post on the subject of teenage suicide. Are there any visible signs depicting whether a teen is suicidal? Are parents living in denial that their children are at risk? Or are there really no warning signs? Also, what can we, as a society, do about this?

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